15M, Surface Valencia, Spain



What has become known has Occupy Wall Street in New York City all started in the streets in Spain the 15th of may 2011. Around 150.000 people went to the streets in 60 Spanish cities who wanted “Real Democracy Now”. They were marching under the slogan “We are not commodities in the hands of bankers and politicians”. At the end of the march some people decided to stay the night at the Plaza del Sol in Madrid. This generated a mass call to everyone to occupy their local square which thousands all over Spain did. More than 65 public squares were occupied.  

Today more than 5,2 million people are unemployed in Spain and around 50% of all young people are unemployed. 

The 20th of February 2012 were protesters beaten by the police in Valencia when they were demonstrating against the cuts on the Spanish school system. 

You can not see it when you are walking on the streets in Valencia, but under the surface is the movement still going on. In Valencia are there 37 groups, who work for the movement, from preparing demonstration to coordinating information. As the Arabic Spring, the most important information source in Spain is the social medias.


March 2012

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