March 27, 2017

 After attending the Advertising Week Europe for four days, which contained great debates, inspirations and insight into possibilities and challenges in the industry, I decided to write a blogpost of the three main themes that were highlighted during this year's Advertising Week.

It is hard to wrap up all of the information within one blogpost with the great variety and insightful debates that were organized, from deep insightful content debates to a special interview with Al Gore, former Vice precedent of the US talking about climate changes and his new movie, which is coming out this summer. However, this post focuses on the elements of which we believe are the most important and insightful aspects that people talked about during the event. If the output of these four days should be phrased in one sentence, it could be said as the following: Be brave and bold and focus on long-term strategies by using relevant content with a storytelling approach for your target audience. The three ma...

March 24, 2017

Storytelling is a buzzword this year at the Advertising Week Europe. Video consumption on Facebook increased with 150% over the last year according to Amy Cole, Head of Brand Development at Instagram. She leads the discussion “in the moment storytelling” with Tony Davidson, Executive Creative Director at Wieden + Kennedy, Leila Thabet, Global Director of content and Engagement, ASOS and Adam Bracegirdle, Creative Director at VICE. They discuss how brands can use live streaming. Adam Bracegirdle explains how “live content gives the possibility for brands to be authentic”. Furthermore, as a brand there is potential in understanding that you can go “live” when you can’t get the content elsewhere.

Authenticity is another word that has been repeated by different people over the last days. It is important for brands to stay authentic, since brands communicate to people. It is important to remember that people are not rational. Therefore, brands need to have a consistent story and identity in...

March 22, 2017

The corridor is narrow and the light is soft while I open the door to enter the Lyric Theatre, where the “Thriller” musical normally plays. I sit in the comfortable red chair attending the European Adverting Week in London. This morning the “Town Hall Series” with the headline “Business Without Borders” starts the four-day event. Nicola Mendelsohn from Facebook leads this first debate and claims that nearly 1/11 people working in UK works in the creative industry. Today London is one of the leading global cities to grab talents and businesses, especially in creative industries. According Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of King, “art and science go together”. A point of view shared by different people presenting and debating during the day.

The program of this year has many good events, but it is difficult to attend all on my wish list. The information during the seminars and workshops is inspiring. However sometimes to understand the speeches fully, your brain needs to have them on a distance. Th...

November 10, 2016

I'm sitting in the right side of the car and driving in the left side of the road. For some an everyday thing for others a new routine they need to get use to. Right left, do I think, when I am turning left and entering the first roundabout, which they have plenty of here in U.K.! 

I have rented a car for a few days, since my parents are coming and I am looking forward to see them as I have not seen them for 5 month. I am trying to get use to this, since this is my first time driving in "the rung side" of the road while I am use to be driving in the right side of the road and sitting in the left… But as I am heading to London to pick them up in Heathrow Terminal 5 it is starting to fill usual to drive in the left side.

The Stone guesses

The landscape makes references to the moors of Jutland, when we are driving at the narrow and curvy roads, while Sheep’s are standing at the fields. 

After a short walk, the stones are becoming visible. The wind is blowing in my face, while we are getting c...

October 20, 2016

The rain was falling down from the air as was there no filter. The streets was full of water and Bjørn and I was in a Taxi on our way to de Airport in Bangkok. But when we where ready to check in at the airport to Kuala Lumpur, was there something I was missing, something important! 

I was clapping my pockets, and then the panic started slowly to come. “I have lost my wallet in the cap!” I did said to Bjørn, just before I ran out to the place where we were dropped of by the taxi, but off cause it was long gone… 

There where nothing to do, my wallet was gone! I got on skype and called my bank to block my Visa Card, just before we where bordering the plain. A good experience in Bangkok have just changed to a sad ending, especially, because I had my Driven license in my Wallet, a license I wouldn’t like to be without especially taking in consideration, that my journey had just begone. 

Requests is tigging in

I was in the elevator to 22nd floor of Sunway Tower. It is Tuesday the 28th of June,...

July 31, 2016

Bhikkhus' are standing in two lines with their big silver put. The last Bhikkhus' are coming out of the houses and getting into the formation. It is 11 a.m. and it is time for breakfast. As a part of their daily routine are they standing in two lines to enter the dinner-hall where their breakfast will be served from two huge pots. They are all standing without shoes and in the traditional Bhikkhus Cloaks in the dark red color. 

There is a silence around the breakfast ceremony in the Mahagandayon Monastery in the Amarapura area outside Mandalay, while we can see everyone are getting their own position. The Breakfast ceremony for the Bhikkhus' is open for public as the surrounding buildings. Cloaks are hanging down from balconies and Bhikkhus' are walking around us, while we are walking around the Monastery, which was founded in 1914. 

Bjørn and I have arrived to Mandalay, from where the view from Mandalay Hill has been explored the day before, with visits to different temples. S...

July 20, 2016

The rain is pulling down, when I am looking out of the Taxi window, while we are driving out of the freezer, which could be the synonym of the new international airport in Yangon en Myanmar, which is not yet totally finished, so the temperature insight filled as 16 degrees with condensing down the windows. 

The main entrance to enter Myanmar as a tourist is this airport. Already from this moment it is possible to see, that they are getting ready for the expected rise of tourism visiting in the future. A number that has been steadily increasing since 1992, where the government opened up slowly for tourism. In 1995 did 194,000 visit Myanmar, a number that raised to 792,000 in 2010 and last year did 4,681,020 tourist visit Myanmar and according to the Tourism Master Plan, which was made in 2013 is there going to be 7,5 million tourist arriving to Myanmar in 2020.

The rain aren´t stopping, when we are entering the rooftop terrace at Hotel Lavender. The light is nearly making a...

July 1, 2016

It is slowly getting darker over Bangkok, while I’m enjoying a cold beer with the view over Bangkok and the sunset at the River View Guest House Roof top Restaurant where I just have checked in after a good recommendation from my friend Steven. 

As expected was the rice marks easy to see, when I was landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, with the skyscrapers in the background. When we are taxien to the gate, can I nearly only see Airbus 380’s from Thai Airlines and Quartar ready for boarding. Nearly 20 hours has passed since I left Ulm and said goodbye to Franziska in Germany. From the airport and the flights and the filing in the flight, it is easy to see that I have arrived to a touristic hotspot.   

The River View Guest House is only located few minutes walks from China Town, so what is more obvious than going for a walk here? - The air is full of pollution, but not as bad as expected, when I am passing by different street-kitchens where chickens is getting deep-f...

June 30, 2016

The Models, Katja Schulze and Lovis Maczeizik, are ready after a short trial of the clothes and makeup set by Saskia Müller, when we are sitting in the car at our way to Wafenhallen in Stuttgart, which is going to be our location for shooting of today.

The inspiration for this collection has Franziska got from her exchange and traveling in México. Furthermore does her inspiration and title for her collection come from the essay “El Laberinto de la solidad” by the Mexican writer Octavio Paz and where first published in 1950. The essay is explaining the Mexican’s with the perspective on death, fiesta and identity.

The clouds are coming

The sky is dark blue to nearly black and the ground is a bit muddy and dark because of the water, since it where heavily raining only an hour before, which is just perfect to give the atmosphere which the German designer Franziska and I wants, when we are getting ready at the first location with the first outfit  - but when that is said do...

June 23, 2016

We are landing with a soft pump in the small SAS plain where the majority is businessmen and women. I'm looking out of the window and the first thing I can see is the small propel planes, which are standing next to some smaller private jets. 

From the first gleam, it is easy to see that I have arrived to a city with a glory business environment and a glory industry, since Stuttgart is hometown of Mercedes-Benz and Porche. 

When I’m walking though the automatically doors is Franziska waiting at the arrival hall. It is good to see Franziska here in her home country after I first meet her for nearly a year ago in Monterrey, when we both were attending the same Spanish Course at Tec de Monterrey. 

I have been flying in not only to visit her, but also to do a photo shoot with her newest collection, since Franziska is a German Designer, which there will be a post of later after her show of her collection at an exhibition next week. 

The famous star 

The cars are big, the engines is playing t...

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